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The body used in request and response objects is a stream is used for both uploading data and downloading data. Guzzle will, by default, store the body of a message in a stream that uses PHP temp streams. guzzle response class

Most classes that used to require a typehint now request a Added to the RequestInterface to handle injecting a response on a request while the request is still being transferred

Specific data from the response class For example purposes, let's assume you want to get a list of all categories and execute this query. category id, name, slug, description guzzle response class

What do you mean by to seed a Guzzle response ? Do you simply want to save the data fetched from the API to your database? If so have you created models and migrations for this data? Testing Guzzle Clients If you are using the test server or Server class outside of guzzlehttpguzzle, then you will need to configure autoloading and ensure the web server is started manually. Hint. When a response is queued on the test server, the test server will remove any previously queued responses. Lets assume youve created a class which either uses or wraps a Guzzle client, or uses a Guzzle Response object. And lets say youre working with the FreeAgent API and you want to test guzzle response class If you guys still interested, here is my workaround based on Guzzle middleware feature: Create JsonAwaraResponse that will decode JSON response by ContentType HTTP header, if not it will act as standard Guzzle Response: Guzzle is an HTTP client that sends HTTP requests to a server and receives HTTP responses. Both requests and responses are referred to as messages. Guzzle relies on the guzzlehttppsr7 Composer package for its message implementation of PSR7. You can create a request using the class: I'm learning OOP PHP and am using Guzzle to make an API call and would like to create an object from a class I have defined (Coverage) from the response. Get the freshness of the response by returning the difference of the maximum lifetime of the response and the age of the response (maxage age). Freshness values less than 0 mean that the response is no longer fresh and is ABS(freshness) seconds expired.

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