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2020-01-25 17:24 Jul 24, 2010 I would love to some how make my moped go at lest 3 4 mph faster, Is there a way to do this without actually derestricting the bike, I have a TGB 202 Classic 09 plate, Many thanks: )

Sep 18, 2016 Thank you to the FIFTYMil FAM! ! ! Thank you for donating some of your hard earned income to support me and my YouTube channel through PayPal. Thank you so muc tgb 202 classic derestrict

Jun 22, 2011 TGB 202 Classic. Discussion in 'General Scooter Discussion' started by richie4394, Jun 20, because i can't seem to find any TGB parts anywhere i can derestrict it tho right? i will be fine with just that as long as it goes like 4050 ill be fine haha

Mar 02, 2013 Posted: 13: 28 28 Feb 2013 Post subject: TGB 202 Classic 50CC 2 Stroke Bogging Down: Basically the above. I'm going to list things I've done and how this affected it. Initially would barely rev without wanting to die. ALWAYS idles and idles fine. Needed easy start to get started and then copious amounts until it had warmed up. tgb 202 classic derestrict

derestrict the CDI of a 50cc TGB Bullet Anon, Check the attached links, instruction and guides, Good luck I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button. Check out some of my other posts if you need more tips and info. Read Dp56muz's review of the TGB 202R Classic Scooter, 3 of 18 TGB 202R Classic reviews, & compare with other Scooters at Review Centre 2011 tgb 202 classic scooter. Some people derestrict them and ask a bit much from them by pushing them to the max. So if you want a cheap reliable scooter this could be the one for you. Hope this Hello I have recently baught a TGB starway 50cc moped, same specs as a 202 classic, and am looking to get that little bit more out of it, does anyone know how to derestrict this bike, or if there is a generall way to do it to all mopeds? tgb 202 classic derestrict 2011 tgb 202 classic scooter Written on: by dp56muz (2 reviews written) If you a thinking of buying one of these scooters you want go wrong, providing you take care of it. why wont my tgb 202 classic 50cc idle but revs on its own TGB 2007 203 question. Search Fixya. Browse Categories derestrict the CDI of a 50cc TGB Bullet Anon, Check the attached links, instruction and guides, Good luck Hi what are the cylinder head barrell torque settings for a tgb 202 Sep 06, 2014 I'm a complete motorcycle engine novice so have filmed my first attempt to remove and clean the carb on my 50cc scooter. In the video I mention changing the Jul 22, 2017 tgb 202 classic 62 plate. Discussion in 'Introduce he maybe pushed towards the stock airfilter on the scooter will be fine for a derestricted scooter if you rejet and derestrict the exhaust and remove the variator restriction. problem is you would need to find a aftermarket manifold to fit carb to bike as the tgb i think are a flange

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