C++ class union example

2019-12-15 08:00 Struct, Union and Class Introduction Dataencapsulation is key to the functionality of many high level or later generation programming languages such as C and Java.

Example of using union in C. Union may be useful when it is necessary to work with different representation of same binary data. For example, you need to store color data as four 8bit unsigned char numbers. At the same time, you have to store this color data as one 32bit unsigned integer. c++ class union example

Unionlike classes. A unionlike class is either a (nonunion) class that has at least one anonymous union as a member or a union. A unionlike class has a set of variant members: the nonstatic data members of its member anonymous unions; in addition, if the unionlike class is a union, its nonstatic data members that are not anonymous unions.

Classes defined with struct and union Classes can be defined not only with keyword class, but also with keywords struct and union. The keyword struct, generally used to declare plain data structures, can also be used to declare classes that have member functions, with the same syntax as with keyword class. c++ class union example

We have to create an object of union to access its members. Object is a variable of type union. Union members are accessed using the dot operator(. ) between union's object and union's member name. Syntax for creating object of union union unionname obj; Example for creating object& accessing union Union is similar to struct (more that class), unions differ in the aspect that the fields of a union share the same position in memory and are by default public rather than private. The size of the union is the size of its largest field (or larger if alignment so requires, for example on a SPARC In C03 and earlier a union can contain nonstatic data members with class type as long as the type has no user provided constructors, destructors or assignment operators. c++ class union example The C compiler treats the C data structure like a C class. This allows one to use C constructs with a struct when using the C compiler. This is also true for a C union with a constructor. Sample code examples with explanations and tips are discussed. All examples use the GNU g compiler ( ) on Linux. Tutorial Contents: The example mixes types, arrays, and structures in the union to demonstrate different ways to access the data. For a littleendian system, this union could be represented as: The exact alignment and order of the members of a union in memory depends on the system, with the possibility of Apr 01, 2012 C# doesn't natively support the CC notion of unions. You can however use the and FieldOffset attributes to create equivalent functionality. I'll assume that you meant a 64bit data structure, which would contain 8 bytes or 2 ints. In certain contexts, C allows only POD types to be used. For example, a union in C cannot contain a class that has virtual functions, or nontrivial constructors or destructors. This restriction is imposed because the compiler cannot know which constructor or destructor should be called for a union.

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